Carv Ski Tracker


The Carv Ski Tracker is a wearable aiming to make you smarter and safer on the slopes. 

When it comes to skiing, the better you are the more fun you’ll have, because sliding down a black run with a bruised bottom is quite literally a pain in backside.

Granted, some of this can be put down to a few too many high-altitude beers, but the rest is due to poor form – which is where Carv and its world class tuition comes in.

The wearable fits on your ski boot and analyses downhill techniques in real-time providing audio feedback through the app between runs.

Each time you turn, Carv generates over 20 metrics including edge angle, rate of rotation, G-force and the maximum pressure point in the turn.

Everything has been tested against the US ski team, plus other winter sports champions from around the world, so you’re in good hands.

Hardcore data junkies can even sync GoPro footage with Carv data and overlay the metrics on top of videos to create an Olympics-worthy action sports showreel.

Straight up adrenaline junkies, meanwhile, can use the trick-recognition sensor for take-off and landing analysis, including grind time and distance.

Checking your balance and landing impact also aims to improve your skill level and reduce the risk of injury.

Use the app to set a skill level then select between challenges, drills, sharing your progress with friends and, if you’re feeling generous, helping others to reach your level.

Carv’s makers don’t expect immediate success and say the improvement will be felt over a time, but it’s still better that bruise felt on your behind.

Buy Now: From Carv for $249

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