Cloudtag Track

Cloudtag Track

The Cloudtag Track is a fitness band with a difference, tracking your workout, heart rate and crucially giving you personalised advice on nutrition and exercise as you go.

While most fitness trackers simply tell you what your body is doing during a workout like most fitness trackers, the CloudTag goes one step further and tells you how to do it better.

The fitness tracker and app do all of the usual fitness tracking including calories burned, steps taken, the number of active minutes per day and will automatically track your rest and sleep. But where this lightweight, durable and colourful device is different is that it uses machine learning to offer advice based on your progress towards your fitness and weight loss goals.  That’s something you don’t get from the majority of activity trackers.

Unwrapp’s Most Wanted

The CloudTag Track accompanying app lets you set your weight loss, fitness and nutrition goals and then offers up expert insights to keep you on track for your set target date. You can also get instant access to nutritional support and advice as well take part in exercise challenges and rewards to share on social media once you’ve achieved them.

The whole thing has been designed so it’s easy to wear either strapped to your wrist or clipped to your workout gear, so you can also exercise without restriction.

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