Corner Boxing Tracker

Corner Boxing Tracker

The Corner boxing tracker slips into your gloves to record and analyse every hook and jab.

To quote Kanye West: “Harder, better, faster, stronger”. It’s what everyone should be thinking of when it comes to achieving those HIIT training goals.

Activity trackers can provide great motivation, but up until now none were built specifically for boxing.

Corner brings that Kayne West mentality into the ring with a wearable that analyses every punch and offers real-time tutorials to push you on.

Punch rate, speed and power are all tracked, while Corner finds trends in your technique and combinations you can throw.

The accompanying app also offers a complete breakdown of every session for you to pore over afterwards.

Hands free control (somewhat obviously) means you can get instant performance insights and feedback without removing your gloves.

The technology and gathered data are designed to transform your training, advance your boxing skills and help you reach your fitness goals.

Setup involves slipping two wireless trackers onto your hand wraps and connecting them to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The sensors are small, lightweight, water resistant and offer four hours sparring time between charges.

Pre-orders are open now with a discount for early birds if you want to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Pre-order Now: Available from Corner for £69

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