Gi FlyBike Electric Cycle

Gifly Electric Bike

The Gi FlyBike is a full-size electric cycle that folds away in under a second and can be assembled in one easy motion. 

You know those animated GIFs your friends post to Instagram where they’re repeatedly moving back and forth? Annoying aren’t they. Well the Gi FlyBike feels like it was designed for that very purpose because it folds up in one easy movement.

For anyone that already owns a folding bike, however, that should be music to your ears because it means the e-bike does away with the increasingly complex challenge of working out how to get everything assembled before hitting the road.

It works by having a fly folding hinge halfway along the frame that cuts the bike’s size in half so it can be carried during your commute.

The FlyBike doesn’t compromise on cool features or safety either. Automatic smart front safety lights and built-in rear lights keep you visible, while an integrated lock means you don’t have to lug one around in your work bag.

It’s an e-bike too, of course, so pedal assistance boosts you to speed of up to 15mph with up to 40 miles on a single charge.

Another big part of the FlyBike’s appeal is smartphone integration with an app for initiating automatic locking, GPS navigation, sharing rides with friends on social media and keeping tabs on your speed plus how much juice you have left on the bike and lights. A USB port will charge devices on-the-move too.

Buy Now: $2,978 from Gi Fly

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