Heirship Seventeen Football Boots

Heirship Seventeen Football Boots

Heirship Seventeen by Stylo Matchmakers are retro-inspired football boots designed to take on any playing surface.

Not all football pitches are created equal so you can’t rely on the same boots to help you have a ‘worldy’ and perform to the best of your ability.

Stylo’s soccer boots are available with three different stud options so you can select the right pair for the right surface fresh from the moment you unbox them.

Whether you’re training on artificial turf, playing on a rock hard pitch or swimming in the Sunday league mud, the Seventeen’s aim to step up to the plate.

Choose between mixed stud technology for added grip on soft ground, bladed studs for improved manoeuvrability on the hard stuff, and 3D stud tech for greater contact on astroturf.

The boots feature soft, supple and lightweight Japanese super microfibre uppers, breathable insoles, and curiously something called ‘killer touch’ texture vents.

Combined, the textiles are designed to stop you sweating, as well as increase grip and control of the ball in all conditions.

White and gold versions are in the pipeline, but the range is currently restricted to glossy black (no bad thing) coated with a weather resistant finish to repel the elements.

With winter on the way and the British weather beginning to turn, the Seventeen’s could be well worth a look.

Buy Now: £225 from Stylo Matchmakers

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