Mako Boardsports Slingshot Jetboard

Mako Boardsports Slingshot Jetboard

The Mako Boardsports Slingshot is a next generation jetboard for superfast surfing at speeds of over 30mph.

Imagine how the movie Point Break might have turned out if Patrick Swayze (God rest his soul) had got his hands on the ultimate surfer getaway vehicle – a Mako Boardsports Slingshot.

Featuring a high modulus carbon fibre monocoque design, direct-drive axial-flow jetdrive and a 100cc 2-stroke engine, the Slingshot is a lightweight and powerful plinth for riding the ocean waves.

Alternatively, the sleek herringbone-style shortboard could swap out a windsurfer or jetski for skimming across the water just about anywhere and at speeds of over 30mph.

The Mako Slingshot has been developed in Britain with a blend of three core fundamentals: advanced hydrodynamics, premium composite materials and aerospace manufacturing technology, which goes some way to explaining the £9,000 price tag.

But we digress, mainly because we want one, but also because of the attention. The transportable design means it fits in the back of a car without the need for a trailer, there’s an external refuelling cap and a quick release battery pack too.

Mako says the organised layout simplifies setup, gets rid of unnecessary faff and focuses on putting the necessities at the rider’s fingertips, so the impulse to ride feels less like a chore and increases enjoyment in the moment.

A Rotron XT100 two-stroke powerplant delivers high levels of torque and an instantaneous power response, while the pre-tuned precision jetted carburettor and racing exhaust, with double reflection sonic supercharging, boosts top-end performance.

The XT100 engine is cradled on easily accessible mounting points for maintenance, while multiple bulkheads and drainage channels protect it from sea and foul water.

Now all we need is a high street bank to rob, preferable within running distance of a river.

Buy now: £9,000 from Mako Boardsports

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