MSR Trailshot Microfilter

MSR Trailshot Microfilter

The MSR Trailshot Microfilter is a pocket-sized purifier for fresh drinking water in the wilderness. 

Whether you’re on a stunning hike, hacking your way through jungle or waiting for Southern Rail to get you home, drinking water can be a life saver.

If you’re attacking the great outdoors that usually means weighing down a bag with hydration packs that will eventually run dry – the alternative means going thirsty.

So MSR’s lightweight filter could be your best friend, because it turns dirty water into fresh, drinkable H2O.

Nasties such as bacteria, protozoa and particulates are all removed thanks to highly efficient hollow fibre technology that offers a non-chemical based physical barrier for ridding microbiological contaminants. 

The simple design doesn’t require any set-up and can filter a litre of liquid through its valve in just one minute.

A one-handed operation also makes filtering quick, accessible… and crucial should a crocodile bite your arm off.

Small enough to be stashed in a pocket, backpack or attached to a hiking belt, it weighs 226 grams and has been put through its paces by professional hikers to ensure it’s up to the task.

Buy Now: $50 from Amazon 

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