POD Tents

POD Tents

POD Tents connect together letting you build your own expandable social camping commune. 

POD Tents are all about making camping more social. These innovative modular tents have been designed to they can be connected to create ever expanding camping communities, extending in all directions.

They come in two sizes, the Mini Pods are 3.8 metres and sleep four people, while the Maxi extend to 5 metres and can keep up to eight occupants sheltered.

Each Pod is made from ripstop polyester with taped seams with PVC windows. All the Pod’s support poles are the same length too, taking some of the faff out of construction.

It’s not just the outside that you can tinker with too. The POD Maxi is also internally flexible with an interior that can be created, adjusted and personally designed. You can sleep eight people in an open plan sleeping area or, configure your internal space to sleep four, each with personal sleeping cells, all built around a communal living space.

The Elite range pegged to launch in 2016 will come with enhanced UV protection and be lighter.

Buy Now: At POD from £499 

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