Salomon ME:sh Bespoke Running Shoes

Salomon ME:sh

These Salomon ME:sh running shoes are crafted by a team of robots and modern shoemakers to fit your perfectly unique feet.

If you’re mountain slayer Kilian Jornet or king and queen of the marathon Eliud Kipchoge, having your running shoes tailor made for a perfect fit is pretty standard stuff. But for the rest of us, the best we can hope for are off-the-shelf shoes designed to accommodate generic ranges of foot shape and size.  At least that was the case. Not any more thanks to Salomon ME:sh.

The trail running specialists from France have just whipped the lid off new technology that offers fully customised, perfect-fit shoes for us everyday athletes.

Launching first in France and then rolling out across the UK, US, Germany and China, ME:sh is an innovation in running gear that combines a 3D footscan or in-store foot measurements, with a running assessment and an app-based tool to pinpoint not only your unique foot shape and running style, but also your preferences, including whether you like a snug fit or something a little wider in the toe box.

You’ll also have the opportunity to say what terrain and conditions you intend to run in, choosing between light trail and road, to dictate what kind of outsole you need. And finally you can switch up the colours of the upper and lace combos and and brand your shoe with your own stamp.

At launch there will be three different versions available. The first is a full customised shoe, made entirely to your needs for €300. The second is a replica of the shoes made for Salomon ambassador and running legend Kilian Jornet at €230-240. Finally retailers and regions will be creating ‘community’ shoes, tailored for their own specific local running environment, for example the Chamonix shoe and the Paris shoe and these will cost €230.

Buy Now: Salomon ME:sh from €230

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