Sensoria Smart Running Shoes

Sensoria Smart Running Shoes are packed with serious tech for real-time coaching and fitness tracking from your tootsies. 

The smart sports garment brand has already embedded sensors into compression tops, bras and even socks, but its new sneakers have a specific purpose for your feet – to make you a more efficient runner and reduce the risk of injury.

By deploying an AI bot called Mara, the shoes connect to an app and coach you after detecting and feeding back detailed biometric information on cadence, foot landing and impact force.

The central nervous system revolves around Sensoria’s Core sensor, which forms part of the microelectronic components found in the plantar area of the shoes and are triggered by three infused textile pressure pads.

It features an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, which combine to not only track the metrics detailed above, but more traditional activity data such as pace, distance, time and calories burnt.

Sensoria have turned to research from the University of South Florida that found 65 per cent of runners get injured every year and that the average runner picks up a knock every 100 hours.

While according to Harvard Professor Daniel Lieberman, running incorrectly generates impact forces similar to getting hit by a sledgehammer under the foot, a thousand times a mile.

If you’re worried about the tech weighing down your trainers, Sensoria say the Core comes in at less than 7 grams and also provides over 24 hours battery life, even during constant use if you’re mad enough to be running for that long.

Available in four stylish colours, the smart shoes are available for pre-order now at a limited time for $99 rather than the full price of $199.

Pre-order now: $99 from Sensoria

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