Smacircle S1 Folding E-Bike

Smacircle S1 e-Bike

The Smacircle S1 is a commuter e-bike so lightweight and compact it can fit in your backpack.

Faffing around finding somewhere to park your bike could be a thing of the past with the backpack-ready Smacircle S1. The e-bike weighs in at just 7kg and folds down to 49cm in height so it can be slipped into a bag and carried with you.

When assembled, the carbon fibre bicycle is powered by a 240W motor and can reach speeds of 12.5mph (20km/h) for a zippy commute, plus the onboard Samsung battery is good for journeys of up to 12.4miles (20km) between charges.

Connecting a smartphone to the S1 allows riders to measure speed and distance while charging the handset as you go, while the accompanying app also acts as a sat-nav, monitors battery levels and can remotely activate its lock.

The S1 is designed to be assembled in five steps which, once you’ve got the hang of it, should only take a few seconds and despite its svelte size and weight can carry loads of up to 100kg. Safety comes in the shape of an an electronic brake button plus front and rear lights for night rides.

With a month remaining on its crowdfunder campaign the Smacircle S1 has smashed its original target by over 600% and shipping is set to start in October this year.

Pre-order Now: On Indiegogo from $649.00

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