Spengle Carbon Monocoque Bike Wheel

The Spengle Carbon Monocoque bike wheel aims to add safety, agility and speed to your journey with some cutting-edge aerospace construction. 

Reinventing the wheel sounds like a rather tough gig to us, but that hasn’t stopped Spengle giving it a go with this super advanced carbon monocoque offering.

It introduces a number of claimed failsafe technologies like optimised braking force distribution for speedy and stable stopping.

While the strongest tyre bed of its type allows for extreme tolerance at low tyre pressures so the wheel remains functional no matter what.

Tubeless by default, the wheel is said to increase agility and responsiveness through the reduction of turbulence for a faster and smoother ride.

You’ve probably spotted the lack of spokes. Because they form part of several, separate, stress-tackling components that make up a traditional bike wheel, Spengle believes forces are distributed disproportionality leaving it prone to bending and buckling.

Being ‘monocoque’ means each wheel is made from a single piece of carbon that distributes forces evenly and absorbs them across the entire structure.

Spengle says this means no one area of the wheel is prone to failure, leaving the rider free to concentrate on the ride and not worrying about their equipment.

Finally, the wheel blades have been developed to minimise turbulence and increase stability at high speeds, while a unique elbow handles sudden shocks before it reaches the rider, helping to keep the trail in focus.

Buy now: From €1,490 at Spengle

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