Stark Mobility Remoteless Electric Skateboard

The stealthy-looking StarkBoard Remoteless Electric Skateboard will whizz you along at a top speed of 20mph and includes intelligent sensors to keep you upright. 

Described as the first of its kind, the StarkBoard does away with the need for a remote control – just jump on and away you go.

That’s because it comes with intelligent weight and motion sensors, propelling it forward with just a slight tilt of your body in a Segway-style fashion.

Once you accelerate, the speed control monitoring system tracks all your body movements and continuously assists while riding. There are three modes for beginner, normal and advanced riders.

Designed to ride smoothly through urban streets and conquer every obstacle, the board is up to four times faster than walking and has a maximum range of 12 miles from a single Stark battery. Meanwhile, bright LEDs are on hand to keep you visible.

A 50 per cent charge takes around 20 minutes with a full charge in under two hours. The battery is swappable too meaning you can purchase more than one and keep a couple spare in a backpack, although it’s worth noting each cell will set you back an extra $199.

Keeping tabs on the battery level is a simple case of downloading the Stark app to monitor energy levels. Finally, if you wish to take the board on your travels, Stark say you can check it in as normal luggage when you fly.

Pre-orders are being taken now, with shipping expected to begin from February 2018.

Pre-order now: $599 from Stark Mobility 

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