Vollebak Blue Morpho Snow Jacket

Blue Morpho Jacket

The Vollebak Blue Morpho Jacket uses two billion light-reflecting glass spheres for incredible visibility in the snow. 

A Google search of the Blue Morpho Butterfly highlights just how amazing its iridescent wings are and it’s inspired a group of future adventure gear designers to create a truly unique ski coat.

The Blue Morpho Jacket by Vollebak can transform itself from matt blue to bionic blue in a nanosecond with the help of reflective microscopic spheres.

Engineered with lasers and a special resin, the jacket aims to make the wearer highly visible when skiing or snowboarding.

The surface of the garment acts like a mirror for whatever light conditions you’re out in. In sunlight it will shift from a deep ocean blue to shimmering metallic blue thanks to the reflective glass face.

At night, head torches, search lights or camera flashes turn it into a trippy, bionic-looking blue.

The fabric is smooth to the touch, but close up it has an industrial 3D look and each jacket and each one sports its own unique markings left in the resin and glass surface from its construction process.

Built for winter sports, the Blue Morpho jacket is engineered to allow maximum range of motion and with room for your puffer or hoodie underneath if things are particularly chilly.

It’s fully seam-sealed and waterproofed, and features an ocean-racing style marine hood and super-high collar, which operate independently – so if you want your mouth and nose covered at high speed but your hood down, you can.

Buy now: £495 from Vollebak


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