Wormy Compact Fishing Rods

Wormy Compact Fishing Rods

The multi-functional, small and sturdy Wormy Compact Fishing Rods prove size matters if you’re a travelling angler. 

Say hello to the one rod to rule them all. This successful crowd funded project, dreamt up and designed in Budapest, has created the travelling angler’s new best friend – a supremely portable fishing rod with swappable stainless steel modular parts that let you customise it to suit your changing needs as you travel around the world in search of your next catch.

Easy to pack and practically unbreakable, the Wormy Compact boasts a variety of interchangeable parts to suit your personal method of fishing and the conditions you encounter on your trip.

Unwrapp’s Most Wanted

Each Wormy Compact Fishing Rod is made with stainless steel spring poles, a CNC machined, sea water-resistant, aluminium reel seat, hardwood handles and zero plastics to create a durable rod designed to last for decades. The rod weighs between 220g and 240g, depending on the type of spring pole and handle you choose.

Using the Wormy Compact is roughly the same as using a conventional rod, except that the body’s function is ensured by a spring made of stainless steel. When it comes to casting, the short size of the device allows you to cast not only from above but also from the side or bottom and can compete happily for distance with more traditional 2m rods.

Wormy Compact Fishing Rods Video: See it in action

The smallest size is just 25cm long, so you can even put it in your pocket as you search for the perfect fishing spot without being weighed down. You can use all existing reel types using the removable trigger and can radically reduce the length of the rod using the spring-poles, so you can fish with fantastic form even with a shorter rod.

There are a range of weights, lengths and sizes to choose from.

Pre-order Now: Wormy Fishing Roads from Kickstarter for €174



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