The STK Hub is a five-way USB extension for keeping everyone in the car connected on long journeys. 

Scrambling for a USB charging point in the car has become a modern-day struggle for anyone with a smartphone, but STK could have the solution.

The cable’s clever design means two ports remain in the front of the car, while three go to the back, keeping every occupant of an average size car supplied.

Whether you’re on a road trip with friends, taking a taxi to the airport, or trying to keep the kids entertained in the back, the Hub is on hand to deliver juice to any and all devices.

That doesn’t have to mean only smartphones and tablets either, because it can be used to charge anything with a USB connection, be it dash cams, cameras, headphones and more.

The splitter fits in to the DC power outlet of a car – or the cigarette lighter receptacle for those of a certain age – and offers a total of 10.8 amps of power… crucially with no more squabbles.

Buy now: £24.99 from STK

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