Loewe Klang M1 Speaker

The Loewe Klang M1 is a classy clutch-style Bluetooth speaker with hands-free calling and an exquisite finish.  

Premium German brand Loewe usually busies itself with designing achingly beautiful televisions at the top end of the market, but it knows a thing or two about audio as well.

Its range of Klang passive and active speakers can cost anywhere from £450 to £4,990, so a new entry level Bluetooth option at just £169 represents a tempting proposition.

The Klang M1 is a miniature marvel made from stainless steel, free from unsightly fixings and available in silver, graphite grey and rose gold finishes.

Delve a little deeper and you’ll discover those finishes are the result of a vaporising technique where the speaker sits in a special chamber as a cloud of colour descends over the casing. The process is said to be superior to powder-coating and more environmentally friendly with zero gas discharge.

If you plump for the rose gold, it’s been additionally treated to plating claimed to be 10 times thicker than typical gold leaf.

Those of you with good memories and a good ear might remember Loewe’s excellent Speaker2Go from 2013. The Klang M1 shares the same all-metal design and powerful output, only it’s half the size, £100 more affordable and with greater battery life. I believe that’s called evolution.

Inside the chassis are two midrange speakers and two mid/bass passive radiators, as well as a rechargeable battery promising 12 hours of life from a two-hour charge.

Invest in two Klang M1’s and the speakers can be paired together for stereo sound. There’s also a 3.5mm port for physical auxiliary connections, while a built-in mic allows for hands free calling as an attractive addition to your home office.

Buy now: £169 from HiFi Gear

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