miniFumpa Bicycle Pump

miniFumpa Bicycle Pump

The miniFumpa is the first ever battery-powered bike bump for inflating both tyres on a single charge.

A flat tyre is stressful enough without having to fiddle about with a hand pump halfway up a hill or cart around a compressed air canister you can only use once.

So the fantastically-named miniFumpa might be the must-have cycle accessory for you. The small but mighty device is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery for pumping tyres to 120 psi in under a minute.

Engineered for road cyclists, triathletes, mountain bikers, BMX bikers and casual riders, the pocket-sized pump is also designed to give tyres a quick boost to increase accuracy and speed when you’re out riding.

Using the miniFumpa is a pretty simple process that starts by pressing the solitary button for two seconds to turn it on. To inflate a tyre, push the unit firmly onto the valve and press the button again. When you’ve reached the desired pressure press the button to stop inflation – if only the government could do the same.

In any case, the unit automatically turns off after 50 seconds to conserve power, but a handy USB charger makes topping up pretty easy. The device takes around an hour to be fully charged and the battery is set for up to six years of use without requiring a replacement.

Bear in mind the miniFumpa only works with Presta valves as it is mainly intended for road bike tyres, but you can also buy specific needle valves to pump up basketballs and footballs too.

Buy Now: $139 from Fumpa

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