Onnit Star Wars Gym Gear

Omnit Star Wars Gym Gear

The Force is strong with the Onnit Star Wars gym range that includes a Death Star fitness ball and Darth Vader kettlebells. 

The equipment is designed to show you “the full power of the dark side” and includes an ingenious Han Solo Yoga Mat featuring the iconic image of the character frozen in carbonite.

Working out with a Sith Lord is a new one on us, but Vader looks strangely appropriate cast in black iron and immortalised as a kettlebell available in 50, 60 or 70lb variants.

Alternatively, choose from an Imperial Stormtrooper or Boba Fett both with the same matte black finish, custom sculpted from chip-resistant iron.

Next up is the Death Star slam ball – a weighted fitness ball designed for overhead slams and squats. It is made from strong and dense polyurethane rubber for a “supreme defence against any rebel attack.”

The 20lb durable ball has surface detailing for added grip and ridges to help you maintain control of the Galactic Empire’s ultimate weapon during intense workouts.

Finally, Han Solo yoga sessions benefit from a reversible, moisture wicking, non-slip mat made from polyurethane rubber. All items in the range are officially licensed and available to pre-order now.

Pre-order Now: From $65 at Onnit

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