Phoozy Thermal Smartphone Capsule

Phoozy Thermal Smartphone Capsule

The Phoozy Thermal Smartphone Capsule provides military grade protection from extreme conditions so you can take your smartphone anywhere… including space. 

One small step for the smartphone, one giant leap for smartphone protection – this is the world’s first thermal capsule for mobiles, specially developed by astronauts for use in outer space.

Of course, earthly uses might be more of an interest and there’s good news on that front too because the Phoozy is made from something called SpaceTech Ripstop that’s claimed to be one of the toughest materials on this planet.

It also features a Chromium shell for reflecting more than 90 per cent of solar radiation generated by the sun. Handy given UV and infrared heat waves pound phones at 185,000 miles per second. Overheating iPhone anyone?

The ultra tough and thermonuclear materials aim to block out everything except your network, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal, including being cold proof rated to -20°F and heat protected to 200°F, as well as military grade drop protection, overheating prevention, battery preservation and even flotation because the lightweight materials ensure buoyancy.

The soft touch protective liner encapsulates and safeguards your touchscreen and overall the case accommodates pretty much any Apple, Google, Samsung and other Android handsets, while leaving access to ports, audio jacks and more. It’s not rocket science… actually it might be rocket science.

Phoozy’s many uses should be obvious – water sports, fishing and other ocean-going adventures, winter sports, Christmas Day sledding and Arctic exploration, sweltering beach holidays and desert treks, not to mention added peace of mind with your Virgin Galactic ticket.

Buy Now: $29.99 from Phoozy

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