Stay Sixty Steel Bottle

The Stay Sixty reusable bottle is an environmentally friendly steel vessel with a clever cleaning system.

Viewers of Blue Planet II will be acutely aware we’re flooding the world’s oceans with plastic and causing devastation to wildlife in the process.

When it comes to drinks bottles the obvious answer is to switch to recyclable materials or invest in something reusable, which is where Stay Sixty comes in.

Its sleek stainless steel bottle has been designed so it’s equally easy to carry and easy to clean, which is why you can unscrew the bottom to get to any bacterial nasties left lingering at the bottom – useful for smoothies and protein shakes leaving messy residues.

The family-run company was founded by two British brothers after one of them found himself so dehydrated he was unable to take a routine blood test.

Science states the average adult body is made up of around 60 per cent water, but for the brothers maintaining that amount meant more plastic so the siblings came up with their own eco-friendly solution.

Available in a choice of premium Pantone finishes, the bottle is also double-walled to keep the contents fresher for longer and with everything combined it’s little surprise the London-based start-up has been nominated for a coveted A’design Green Award.

Made from food-grade, BPA-free materials and coated in rubberised paint for added grip, the 500ml bottle is good for cold drinks and ethical Christmas shoppers.

Buy now: £29.95 from Stay Sixty

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