Casa Bugatti Noun

Casa Bugatti Noun

The Casa Bugatti Noun is a transparent toaster made with aerospace-grade technology to perfectly control cooking temperatures.

By applying semiconductors on ceramic glass the Noun heats up in just 80 seconds and cooks whatever you slide into it without burning. Meat, fish, vegetables or a simple slice of bread remain in direct contact with the two transparent sides, which use far-infrared-rays (FIR) to heat food deeply and evenly, bringing out flavours and preserving nutrients.

Oozing Italian design and flair, the Noun originated after managing director Clemente Bugatti was stood in an aeroplane cockpit as it flew into a cloud of micro ice particles. Fascinated that the plane windows were protected by ceramic glass and didn’t need wipers due to a thin, resistive, protective layer he set about thinking up other uses for the technology.

Following a chance meeting with a Boeing engineer, Bugatti discovered the protective layer was a semiconductor and the temperature of the glass could be brought up to 300°C for cooking. The Noun is also equipped with a “proximity touch display” and works with an accompanying smartphone app for selecting the desired function and temperature for your food.  

If you’re wondering whether the Noun represents the most expensive toaster in the world, it’s doesn’t. That accolade probably goes to another Italian kitchenware brand, Smeg, and its incredible Dolce & Gabbana appliance collection. However, the Noun is certainly out in front for innovation. 

Anyone wishing to purchase a Noun should contact Casa Bugatti directly, but we’re also told it will be making its way into Harrods in time for Christmas.

Buy now: £1,800 (est) from Casa Bugatti


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