Oryx Desert Salt

Oryx Desert Salt

Go back 20 years and most of us would have pinched bog standard salt into our dishes. That was before we fell in love with sea salt and replaced the fine white sugary-looking stuff with grind-your-own crystals of artisanal goodness. 

Next up we were tempted to sprinkle Himalayan Pink on our plates and you might have thought that’s as far as salt connoisseurs could go, but you’d be wrong – say hello to Oryx Desert Salt, the seasoning straight out of the Kalahari.

Harvested in a sustainable manner from a remote and pristine area of the vast desert in South Africa, Oryx is a natural, crystal-white salt. It’s unrefined, sun-dried, free from additives and preservatives and contains essential, natural minerals and trace elements.

Those include magnesium, zinc and potassium, in the correct balance for your body to absorb and utilise for optimal functioning, vitality and health.

The salt comes from an underground brine lake that is 100 per cent saturated, where it takes four weeks to crystalise. The ancient Dwyka rock formations, through which the underground streams flow, are geo-scientifically tested to be 250-300 million years old.

Another fact for geography nerds/University Challenge contestants/serious pub quiz teams; the 50km2 salt pan is situated inside the Kalahari Basin which spans an area of 2.5 million km².

You can choose from four different types of salt, including smoked, coarse, red wine and braii (South African barbecue) and it comes in a handy lunch pack portable size for a fix on the move.

There’s also a salty looking gift pack UNWRAPP reckons would make the perfect dinner party offering.

Buy Now: Oryx Desert Salt from £2.48


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