The AnZa

The AnZa

The AnZa is a unique espresso coffee machine made from concrete bringing a boldly brutalist look to your kitchen.

We’re not convinced Fred and Wilma Flintstone were ever coffee connoisseurs but in some sort of alternative, gentrified Hanna-Barbera universe there’s every chance they’d have whipped up a couple of espressos with the AnZa.

The coffee maker is the result of a collaboration between design studio Montaag and an espresso machine repair shop situated next door in Berkeley, California. Made from a specially chosen concrete mix, the attractive slab of sophisticated stone incorporates elements of polished chrome, wood, brass and glass contrasted with white ceramics.

When searching for a standout design the team took inspiration from visits to a local salvage yard and after a number of prototypes, along with a successful bit of ‘show and tell’ at Selfridges department store in London, they decided upon the brutalist end result.

Aside from the striking design, can the AnZA actually make a decent espresso? It certainly packs in enough cool features to assist, including an advanced, electronic PID controller that sets and maintains the brewing temperature. The boiler is also purposely positioned to minimise temperature loss and has a brass portafilter for durability.

The AnZa is has been fully and successfully crowdfunded, but you will have to wait until March 2018 for an estimated shipping date. If the concrete design is just too much for you, an equally gorgeous Corian white finish is also available featuring the same premium features for the same price.

Buy Now: $799 from AnZa

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