Citrus Zinger Gift Pack

Make boring plain water a thing of the past and give yourself a fruit boost with the Citrus Zinger gift pack which infuses your beverage with a simple twist

Water is the liquid of life, but sometimes the thought of plain old H20 just doesn’t quench the thirst. You could spend hundreds of your hard-earned on pre-prepared fruit water, or you could invest in the Citrus Zinger gift pack, which will ensure you never have to endure another bottle of naturally filtered, flavourless beverage ever again.

The Citrus Zinger allows you to customise your intake, featuring a citrus press, cucumber slicer and kiwi reamer which attach under the lid of the 795ml bottle. Once locked in place, you can twist and press the juiciest parts of lemons, limes or clementines into the chamber below, decorate with the delicate flavour of cucumber ribbons, or unleash the juices, pulp and seeds of kiwis without the added distraction of pith or hairy skin.

The slicers and dicers are easily removed and cleaned, and the added benefits of fruit can help you detox and alkalise your body with ultimate ease. There’s a finger loop for easy transportation, a wide mouth so you can add some cooling ice and fill your vessel easily. It’s also made from BPA/EA-free Eastman Tritan Plastic, meaning it’s eco friendly, too. And if you’re totally wild, it even holds carbonated water if adding fruit doesn’t quite quench your customisation fetishes.

With all those choices available, you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labour before you ever have to think about plain old H20 ever again.

Buy Now: The Citrus Zinger Gift Pack from Root7 from £20.00

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