Clear Coffee

Clear Coffee

Is your coffee addiction landing you in trouble with your dentist? Win back their favour and get your caffeine fix at the same time with Clear Coffee.

Those of a certain age reading this article may remember the days of Tab Clear – a cola-flavoured caffeine drink minus the colouring, and transparent in appearance. Now coffee has been given the same treatment.

Clear Coffee is the first completely colourless coffee on the market aiming to stop teeth stains, keep your smile ice white and ensure you still get a sticker from the dentist.

Containing high quality Arabica beans and water, it does away with preservatives, artificial flavours or sugars and is claimed to be just four calories per serving.

Sold in bottles, the drink is designed to be consumed cold and has caffeine levels similar to a double espresso or a French press, providing a convenient way to avoid coffee shop queues.

The good old days of an ordinary cup of coffee have already been spoiled by Instagrammers posting a flat white served in an ice cream cone, so get one up on them with the clear coffee trend instead.

Buy Now: From £5.99 

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