HOPii is the craft beer equivalent of a Nespresso machine and delivers freshly brewed booze from your kitchen counter.

Craving a couple of cold ones but don’t fancy trekking to the pub? Well, it’s 2017 after all so of course there is a high-tech solution to ‘beer o’clock’ and it involves owning your own micro brewery.

HOPii’s makers claim this is the only system to use fresh ingredients used by the breweries themselves, and then ferments them at your home using patented smart technologies.

This means you’ll be drinking clean and crisp craft beer straight from the tank as soon as the brewing process is complete.

Because brewing is usually a complex process requiring precision and skill, HOPii does away with all that faff, instead leaving you with a single pot to slot into the machine. Press ‘start’ and the rest is taken care for you.

The device controls the pressure and temperature using a series of sensors to ensure consistent fermentation, and HOPii has been designed to create an oxygen and sunlight-free brewing environment within its completely closed off system.

Perfect for lazy beer lovers, brewing at the touch of a button is complemented by a one-touch cleaning system – all you need to do is chuck in some water and the food-grade cleaning solution that comes with the brewing kit.

HOPii has around a month to go on its crowdfunding campaign and people must have a right thirst on because it’s already smashed its initial target. Prices start from $299 for an early bird machine leaving you to call last orders whenever you want.

Find out more here.

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