Kees van der Westen Spirit Coffee Machine

Kees van der Westen Spirit Coffee Machine

The Kees van der Westen Spirit Coffee Machine is the £20,000 beauty to make your eyes and mouth water. 

Such is the out there design ethos of Kees van der Westen, it took us a while to work out we were actually looking at a coffee machine.

The Dutch artisans have been building bean to cup creations “by eye” since 1984, but it’s the current line-up of hyper precise caffeine pumps we’re enamoured with. That includes the Spirit, a multiple boiler machine for dealing with peak espresso demand.

A progressive pre-infusion cylinder means baristas can play with variable pressures to suit and while the Spirit is designed for exceptional espressos, it can be altered to handle lungo orders instead. In all cases temperature is intelligently controlled to keep the curve as flat as possible.

Because each Spirit is built to order, Kees stress the importance of expert installation and aftercare from one of its official distributors, especially when customising your machine.

For example, you can even pick your own control cluster options – a touchpad for programmable volumetric output (different drink sizes to me and you) or Bastone, which involves a grabbable chrome lever. Don’t like coffee? The machine doubles as the world’s most extravagant kettle, delivering tea water at the right temperature too.

The Spirit is sculpted around a high grade stainless steel frame in its original raw state and lightly sand papered to create a rugged appearance. It’s then finished in a crackle powder coating in the RAL colour of your choice. Steel body panels are brushed in the same direction and polished regardless of whether a powder coating is applied over the top. Now that’s the attention to detail we expect to see from a coffee machine with such a ‘grande’ price tag.

Buy now: From Kees van der Westen 

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