A Little Oak Infusion Sticks

A Little Oak Infusion Sticks

A Little Oak Infusion Sticks transform spirits by speeding up the maturing process, smoothing out the taste and adding flavour.

These hand-crafted signature infusion sticks claim to rapidly improve the taste of your whisky by simply dropping them in a bottle and leaving them to infuse.

Inserting the charred oak sticks into a bottle of cheap whisky speeds up the traditional ageing process by providing a larger surface area of wood to whisky ratio.

The increased ratio is what adds the flavour and makes your favourite tipple go down smoother. Once you’re hooked, you can also use these to rapidly mature other spirits as well as home brew beers and wines.

Its creators claim you’ll notice virtually instant results, but the longer you leave them in the better the taste. In fact, after 24 hours the sticks should smooth out any harshness and make complex flavours more prevalent. Win.

Buy Now: £5.99 from alittleoak.com

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