Orenda Coffee Brewer

Orenda Coffee Brewer

The Orenda Coffee Brewer lets you develop your own blends or replicate cafe favourites thanks to some clever digital science. 

Billed as your own personal barista, the Orenda Coffee Brewer won’t write your name on the cup but it will create a perfect blend without you having to leave the house and head for Starbucks.

Just like more than 4 million Brits Orenda works from home and from there it learns your coffee preferences over time adapting its blend to suit your tastes. You can also use the machine to customise your favourite recipes and schedule a hot cup of caffeine to be waiting for you first thing in the morning.

Start with some choice beans or choose from the pre-programmed recommended recipes leaving Orenda to automatically adjust the water temperature, brewing time and coffee-to-water ratio to achieve some sort flavour extraction nirvana using advanced digital sensors. Fancy.

Its creators claim it can differentiate between over 150 flavour profiles and 30 aromas collected from around the world, and with a little help from science – and those digital sensors – it aims to bring out the best of every bean.

The personal touch really kicks in once Orenda has made a few cups of coffee for you, begun to learn your taste preferences and started to serve some truly tailor made java.

All you need to do is rate the different taste characteristics of each cup, like its strength, bitterness and texture, using the accompanying app. Orenda takes on your feedback and gets to work on improving the blend.

Buy Now: $399 from Orenda Coffee

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