Ted Baker Hip Flask & Shot Cups

The Ted Baker Hip Flask and Shot Cups gift set puts you firmly in charge of warming the cockles of friends and family.

Downing shots tends to intensify over the festive period and whether you welcome it or not Ted Baker have come up with a novel way of ‘enjoying’ them just about anywhere.

To get you in the Christmas spirit – be that whisky, rum, vodka or gin – the fashion brand’s take on the classic drinks flask cleverly conceals two stainless steel shot cups under a cute little lid.

Sporting a chic geometric print and a smart brass outer, the flask uses poppers to keep the cups in place, in case you’re out on a bumpy sleigh ride with Santa or you just believe you are because you’re too tipsy.

The 350ml flask should help keep everyone toasty when there’s a nip in the air and is perfect when carol singing, taking in a walk to work off the turkey or any other loose excuses for getting back on the sauce.

Now, we’re not saying Ted is engrained in any sort of booze culture – he’s classier than that – but given the label originated in Glasgow in the 1980s if there’s one UK city that isn’t shy about downing a wee dram or six it’s there.

The brand’s first store also offered a free laundry service for every shirt sold – a handy consideration if you eventually overdid things on the single malt front and ‘spilt’ something down your front (please drink responsibly and in moderation, kids).

The flask and shot set is part of an extensive range of Ted Baker gifts for men and women that includes fragrances, watches and luggage.

Buy now: £40 from House of Fraser

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