Nissan Jukecam

Nissan Jukecam

The Nissan Jukecam is aimed at adrenaline junkies who want to capture 4K footage on the move. 

The hybrid shooter has been hailed as the world’s first integrated 360º action sports camera and dash cam.

Either keep it in the cabin of the Nissan Juke while you’re tackling top driving roads or remove it from the car completely when you’re going off-piste.

The 4K device, which looks like a crystal from The Crystal Maze, uses two bespoke mounts – one for the car and one for a helmet – so you can easily switch between driving and extreme sports pursuits.

If you’re still a little sceptical, the folks over at Nissan put the Jukecam to the test and set a new Guinness World Record™ in the process.

Check out the video evidence for the most consecutive cars jumped with a pogo stick carried out by stunt performer Dalton Smith.

As well as looking flash and tempting you to start your own carpool karaoke series, dash cams are also an effective way of capturing footage of road incidents.

Whether you’re involved or not, the evidence can be crucial when it comes to criminal proceedings or settling insurance claims and can even bring down the cost of your own premium.

The JukeCam has an ‘always on’ setting and can continuously record up to three hours of footage.

When mounted to a helmet, battery life extends by up to two hours on a single charge so there’s plenty of time to try and set your own records.

Buy now: Nissan Juke range from £14,880

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