Ortega Mk 1C Personal Submarine

Unleash your inner Jacques Cousteau with the Ortega MK 1C personal submarine and take your underwater adventuring beyond snorkelling

World War II is responsible for a lot of accidental inventions, including Spam and clingfilm (no, really), so it should come as no surprise the Ortega Mk 1C personal submarine’s origins can also be traced back to the years of battle.

Based on Sir Quentin Reeves’ Special Operations Executive (SOE) project Sleeping Beauty – submersible one-man canoes used to carry out clandestine missions in occupied Europe – the Mk 1C is now using advanced naval technology to provide underwater travel for us mere mortals. You know, the people who aren’t rumoured to be the basis for tech wizard Q in James Bond.

Powered by two 10KWh electric thrusters, the Mk 1C has a surface speed of nine knots (10.4mph), and 11 knots (12.7mph) submerged. On on board air system allows dive depths of up to 310ft (95m), and it has an impressive cargo capacity of 250 litres.

The Mk 1C is fully charged in two hours, and a bespoke Head Up Display (HUD) provides all of the three occupants with crucial information. The navigation system uses GPS for both surface and submerged sorties, while a digital compass with 0.1 degrees of precision, a gyroscope, depth gauges, thruster trim levels and individual battery percentage ensure there will be no Poseidon Adventure-style catastrophes during your 80 nautical mile range.

Weighing 570kg and just 6.5 metres in length, the Ortega Mk 1C personal submarine is perfect for those looking to upgrade from the toy sub in their bath to the real deal. Sadly, your missions of derring-do won’t quite match up to Sir Quentin Reeves, but they’ll be a darn sight more exciting than an episode of Splash! in this Dutch delight.

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