Renovo x Glenmorangie Road Bike

The striking Renovo x Glenmorangie road bike is made from traditional whisky casks. 

Booze and bicycles don’t usually make a winning combination, but this gorgeous contraption may be the exception.

US bike builder Renovo have already carved out a reputation for exceptional, handcrafted hardwood models, but its collaboration with whisky brand Glenmorangie ups the game.

Cask staves – the individual pieces of wood used to form a barrel – were shipped to Renovo’s Portland, Oregan workshop where they formed this special edition model.

The design is inspired by the curves of the whisky casks, which was incorporated into the design of the frame, and is made from American White Oak.

Renovo’s intention is to show the versatility of wood by forming a “fat and responsive road machine” it says is “a smooth and stable adventure machine” for the roughest unpaved roads.

The lightweight frame means you can barrel down the road at top speeds (sorry) with full frame shock and vibration damping to keep the ride as smooth as top Scotch.

Getting technical, the long wheelbase adds stability and increases vertical compliance, while disc brakes provide a reliable stopping performance on all surfaces and in all conditions.

It also has hollow chain stays and a full-carbon thru-axle for reduced weight, Shimano Ultegra gear shifting and a 27.2mm seat post to provide enhanced compliance.

Just to be clear, we are not encouraging you to fuel your next ride with a wee dram, but what a way to celebrate cycling and the traditional tipple nonetheless.

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