Sono Motors Sion

Sono Motors Sion

Sono Motors have designed a car covered in solar panels so your commute is powered by the sun.

The Sion is being touted as the first electric car that can be boosted by solar power thanks to 330 integrated cells fitted all the way around the vehicle.

An on-board battery gives the EV a maximum range of 120 miles, before the panels kick in and propel it a further 18 miles on sweet, sweet sunshine.

If the 120-mile range doesn’t sound substantial enough, you can lease the battery until a bigger one comes along, and with battery power increases and price decreases accelerating by the year that’s entirely plausible.

The innovations don’t end there, because inside you’ll find actual moss on the dashboard acting as an air filtering system for fine dust particles. We’re not sure how, but sat next to the 10-inch infotainment screen it looks really good.

We’re also loving the inclusion of bidirectional charging, which turns the Sion into a mobile power station capable of firing up common electronic devices that use a household plug.

To keep things extra efficient the Sion is extremely lightweight thanks to an exterior mainly made up of rust-proof and scratch-resistant polycarbonate.

There’s also a transparent panoramic roof for exceptional views of the huge burning ball in the sky that’s just got you to work and back.

Sono Motors is a German start-up and the Sion is the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign. The company needs 5,000 pre-orders to put the car into full production.

Prototypes are being made available for test drives in 12 cities across Europe, sadly none in the UK where they’ve obviously heard about the weather.

Priced at €16,000, pre-orders can be placed from as little as €500 with up to eight per cent discount off the purchase price depending on your deposit.

Pre-order now: From €500 at Sono Motors

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