Zona Motorcycle Camera

Zona Motorcycle Camera

Zona is a rear-view camera for motorcycle riders so they can see the road behind them at all times.

Backed by seven-time World Superbike champion, Carl Fogarty, its makers claim the camera could help accelerate rider safety by displaying an image of their surroundings from any helmet.

The idea is that riders will spend more time with their eyes forward and on the road in front of them, rather than constantly turning back to see what is going on behind and having to deal with constant blind spots.

Zona works by connecting a high sensitivity camera to an in-helmet micro-display as an additional and faster way of spotting hazards, alongside checking in mirrors. As well as a green light from Fogarty, the device has been fully approved by insurers AVIVA.

The camera and transmitter is mounted to the back of the bike and powered by its battery. Footage is then transmitted, via a secure wireless connection, to a receiver and separate battery attached to the back of a helmet.

Finally, an in-helmet display arm positioned over or under the rider’s eye uses special optics to appear as a 30-inch screen, three metres away from your face. Brightness automatically adjusts to match ambient light conditions.

A video loop recording facility is also on hand to help any insurance claims should the rider be involved in an accident – or alternatively to relive the moment you left your mate Dave for dust on the Isle of Man TT course.

Buy now: £239 from Zona

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