Flat Brew Espresso Spread

Espresso Spread

Espresso Spread on toast could be about to revolutionise the way you get your caffeine fix and become your new best friend at breakfast time.

Your morning coffee is a beautiful thing, but not all of us have the knack for brewing, steeping and then sipping without spilling as we rush out the door to work. The simple solution could be to slather this sinfully sweet spread on toast for caffeine on-the-go without the burnt tongue.

Espresso Spread from Flat Brew comes in a bag-friendly jar incase you want to smuggle it into the office for when you start flagging. Made from a blend of dark-roasted Arabica coffee beans, it also adds in butter, sugar and cream for a seriously indulgent pick-me-up.

Don’t be put off by the dark, tar-like appearance, because the sugar and butter ensures it tastes a bit like everyone’s favourite chocolate spread, with the smooth texture of peanut butter and none of the espresso shot bitterness.

As tempting as it is to spoon this straight out of the jar to your heart’s content, it might not be the healthiest option, so probably best to go easy and avoid the sugar rush and caffeine high before an important meeting – especially when you realise it’s smothered all over your chops.

Buy Now: From £5.99 from Selfridges

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