Nordic Elements Phone Cases

Nordic Elements Phone Cases

Nordic Elements iPhone cases are handcrafted from the finest sustainable timber – and each one offers a lesson in Scandinavian mythology.

Designed in Denmark, the cases contain Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood precision-cut to size, repeatedly varnished and sanded by hand for a flawless finish.

This attention to detail takes place over several hours to ensure the natural materials in each case remain strong, durable and eye-catching every time.

By recognising the risk of any potential environmental impact, Nordic Elements’ support of the nonprofit FSC helps halt deforestation and safeguard forest ecosystems.

Craftsmanship and ethics crossed off, get ready for a dose of epic Nordic mythology providing the inspiration for each collection and inscribed inside the case.

Gefion (pronounced Gev-yoon) is a snap-on polycarbonate case with a silk soft touch surface and available in three finishes – bamboo, black walnut and rose wood.

Gefion was also the goddess of agriculture, fertility, abundance and prosperity. Legend has it she was bestowed as much land as she could plough in one day and night by King Glyfi of Sweden.

What King G didn’t bet on was the goddess disguising her four sons as oxen (textbook move) who ploughed so hard they had enough land to tow west and establish the Danish island of Zealand.

Not to be outdone, the Hel collection follows the same snap-on design but features wood alongside fabric on the reverse. Walnut or bamboo finishes are complimented by black material.

Hel also happens to be the goddess of the underworld and her Batman-style Two Face appearance inspires the use of dual materials – we see what they did there.

Nordic Elements produces its cases in small batches to balance the handcrafted process with hi-tech engineering.

The company says it also consults closely with smartphone manufacturers so they can offer cases as soon as a new flagship model is announced.

That means anyone investing in protection for an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus or iPhone X will find a Nordic Elements case to fit, meanwhile iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 7 and 7 Plus owners haven’t been forgotten either.

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