Hero Smart Pill Dispenser

Hero Smart Pill Dispenser

HERO is a pill dispensing robot that removes the hard work from remembering your meds. 

We’re not sure if Judy Jetson ever suffered from hay fever, but if so odds are she needed a HERO… pill dispenser.

The smart home station does away with fiddly pill boxes and messy medicine cabinets to become a one-stop shop for dispensing drugs.

Like something from the 60s sci-fi cartoon, this vitamin vending machine includes alerts, via an app, to remind you to take your meds then pops out the correct dosage when you press the dispense button.

The app can track medication schedules and doses, remind you about doctor’s appointments and repeat prescriptions if you’re running low, and inform you when when other family members have taken theirs – great for keeping tabs on elderly relatives.

HERO holds a month’s supply of up to 10 different pills and all password protected to keep kids a bay and stop you from constantly grappling with childproof caps.

Compatible with pills of all different shapes and sizes, all you need to do is empty your prescription bottle into a cartridge, slot it in and you’re good to go.

The connected medicine cabinet is available now with a limited introductory discount and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Buy Now: £699 from Hero Health

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