Kardia Mobile

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Kardia Mobile turns your phone into a medical grade EKG machine for highly accurate heart health readings in 30 seconds.

Home health tech is booming and Kardia is a cool example of something small that can make a big difference to someone’s life.

The pocket-sized device takes accurate heart rate readings that can be logged and sent remotely to your GP for monitoring and analysis. Not only could it save a few trips to the cardiologist, but it could also potentially flag up heart problems at an advanced stage.

To take an accurate EKG, open the phone app and start recording. Place Kardia near the handset and place your fingers on the pad. Instantaneous measurements show up after 30 seconds.

The read out should then tell you whether your heart rhythm is normal or whether any “atrial fibrillation” (irregular or fast beat) is detected and you should consider taking action.

The accompanying app offers a comprehensive overview and understanding of your measurements and results, but there is a slight catch when it comes to paid-for subscriptions if you want enhanced functionality.

A basic package comes free with every device and includes EKG recording with instant analysis, plus the option to share results remotely with your doctor.

For a further $9.99/month (or $99/year), you can create a monthly EKG summary report for your doctor, including blood pressure tracking, weight and medication tracking, and unlimited data storage of your heart health history.

We really like the portability of Kardia, meaning you can use it almost anywhere where you think it might be useful… like Thorpe Park for example.

Buy Now: $99 from AliveCor 

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