OneDrop Chrome Blood Monitoring System

OneDrop Diabetes Tools

OneDrop Chrome is a compact and connected monitoring system for diabetics. 

The pocket-sized pack of tools takes and tracks blood glucose levels with accurate results in just five seconds, before wirelessly transmitting the data via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

Results are then stored on the mobile app along with food intake, medication and activity readings for an overall lifestyle analysis for diabetics.

A lancing device fits flush to fingertips to draw a drop of blood thanks to custom depth settings providing the perfect amount of pressure. The blood is stored on test strips, which can be ordered from OneDrop as part of a subscription service that delivers direct to your door.

Chrome is compatible with iOS and Android devices and the company offers a personalised, on-demand coaching program to help newbies. It claims users reduced their average blood glucose levels from 185 mg/dL to 158 mg/dL in just four weeks.

A starter pack comes complete with 100 strips and 10 lancets and everything is housed in a neat vegan leather carry case.

Buy Now: £95.95 from One Drop

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