Sensoria Socks 2.0

Sensoria Socks 2.0

Sensoria Socks use smart textiles and sensors that detect foot pressure to help you improve your running technique. 

There’s an argument for saying new socks are better than new shoes when it comes to comfort and Sensoria’s include added smart features too.

Each one has sensors under the feet that detect pressure and gather in-depth data about a walk, jog or run that most fitness trackers can only dream off.

The sensors record distance, heart rate, pace, elevation and cadence (steps taken in a minute), plus the number of times you land on your heel rather than the balls of your feet.

Sensoria’s socks then feed back to you, via an app, with the aim of reducing injury, correcting bad habits, enhancing form and maximising running efficiency. Advice includes improving your landing technique and adjusting your balance.

The main downside is the need to wear a magnetic anklet secured with the cuff of the sock. The anklet is necessary because it acts like a wireless transmitter relaying data to the app.

Before each session you can use the app to set a target cadence, select a running coach to dish out audio prompts and chose whether you’d like a metronome to help you with your pace. It also offers a comprehensive overview of each run as well as your overall progress.

The anklet battery lasts for six hours – an incentive for any distance runner to finish in good time – and features a 3-axis accelerometer.

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