Harow Arcade Sofas

Arcade Sofas

Arcade Sofas are gaming chairs with a difference adding a retro twist to your perfect pad.

From the creators of the $500k gold-plated skull armchair and the aluminium Sputnik Chair, comes an eclectic range built to look like old school arcade cabinets.

Makers Harow want you to “be proud to be a geek” with one of its 1990s throwback designs, including Street Fighter, Jurassic Park, Hello Kitty and Buzz Lightyear.

Each sofa is handmade in Paris and crafted from recycled wood, steel and velvet, giving you somewhere plush to park your posterior.

All that’s missing to complete the look is one of the new wave of retro video games consoles from Nintendo, Atari or Commodore… or perhaps a VHS machine complete with chewed up cassettes.

The French design studio has previously been recognised by The International Design and Architect Awards thanks to a collection of weird and wonderful thrones and even artwork made with 9mm bullets.


Street Fighter

Other designs include noire video game Night Call and a Kill Bill-inspired Pussy Wagon armchair, but Harow will cut its cloth to fit your exact requirements from the finish to the final dimensions.

Buzz Lightyear

A word to the wise; these things are heavy and come in at a whopping 55kg, so you might need a little help from your friends to move things into place before collapsing on those cushions.

Harow aren’t particularly forthcoming with prices either, so for costs and availability its best to contact them directly.

Buy Now: From Harrow.fr

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