Awair is a smart monitor that tracks toxins in the air and helps improve the quality of what you’re breathing in.

Improving the air quality in your home might not be something you considered when weighing up the purchase of a smart home gadget, but if the idea of quality sleep, healthy skin and avoiding allergies appeals read on.

Awair can detect chemicals and toxins, such as fine dust particles and high levels of CO2, and tell you how to make changes around the home to reduce those levels.

Housed in a classic wooden box with a clear digital display, Awair keeps a real-time tally of what’s lurking in the home environment. The higher the score, the cleaner the air.

When that figure starts to tumble, Awair steps in via the iOS or Android app to tackle five main culprits: toxins, chemicals, dust, CO2 and humidity.

Solutions might be something serious like buying a purifier or humidifier, but it could just as easily be something as simple as opening a window, all with the aim of reducing the chances of allergies, hayfever and poor sleep.

Awair is all set for smart home integration and is compatible with devices like the Amazon Echo and Nest smart thermostat, as part of a seamless network.

You can connect multiple devices to the app and adjust the preferences for different profiles. For example, if you place an Awair in the nursery for humidity levels, or the study to look at CO2.

Around the home it can even look out for chemicals in cleaning products or paint that might be having an adverse affect on air quality.

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but indoor air can be five times more toxic than outside, so if the warning signs aren’t obvious Awair can still spot it, track it and help eliminate it.

Buy Now: £180 from Amazon UK

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