Cocoon Home Security

Cocoon Home Security

Cocoon Home Security is the first smart security system powered by sound, to give you complete peace of mind in your home

Everyone has suffered at the hands of that alarm or security light which decides it wants to go off if a leaf touches a window (usually around 3am), but the guys at Cocoon Home Security have taken a fresh look at the way we protect our valuables. Using sound wave and vibration technology to detect subtle noises and disturbances, it can also learn your habits and patterns to prevent false alarms by detecting ‘normal’ movements and sounds, while alerting you to any potential security threats.

All you need to do is connect Cocoon to your home WiFi and select your settings via the free app on your smartphone. From then on, you can simply leave the device to do all the work for you without having to set the alarm when you leave the house. No matter where you plug in the device, it can still detect unusual noises and vibrations throughout your home, even if it doesn’t appear to be in range.

Any alerts or potential threats will automatically stream HD video and audio to your phone so you can review the footage, receive notifications, and choose which actions you wish to take. You can then decide whether there is no issue, or remotely sound the 90+ decibel siren before taking further action.

All the actions are remote, so you can set actions while you’re at work or travelling abroad. All your data and video footage is automatically encrypted and sent to a secure cloud so that only you can access it, and Cocoon is also pet friendly to avoid false alarms via motion detection as Tiddles stalks about like he owns the place.

Soon you will also be able to get “multi-home” security, so if you have a Cocoon you can easily protect additional locations. Whether that’s a second home or where close family live, anywhere they call “home” can be protected by Cocoon and viewed through one the one app.

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