Richard Clarkson Floating Cloud Lamp

Floating Cloud Lamp

The Floating Cloud Lamp is an ambient LED light that doubles as gravity-defying artwork. 

Do not adjust your displays, what you see before you is a floating polyester fibre cloud that pulses to the sound of music, because why not?

Designed by the Brooklyn-based Richard Clarkson Studio, the lamp uses embedded magnets to levitate unobstructed 3-inches above the base – a bit like Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters.

A full rotational movement and some fancy “vertical bobbing” adds to the atmospheric effect and that’s before we get to its proper party trick.

While the Floating Cloud doesn’t contain a speaker, its music reactive mode means it flashes to the beat of any external tunes thanks to the sound reactive LED lights. It can also react to spoken word and random loud noises with a range of vivid or pastel colours.

Made from hypoallergenic polyester fibre, each floating cloud lamp is hand-made and takes an excruciating eight to 10 weeks to be delivered – the price of patience when you’re dealing with this kind of magic.

The Richard Clarkson Studio has experimented with the Mother Nature before, designing a rain lamp, thus proving water and electricity do mix, and Globe; suspended glass blown balls containing plants and other totally serene natural elements.

Buy Now: From Richard Clarkson for $4,620.00 

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