Joseph Joseph Titan Trash Compactor

Joseph Joseph Titan Trash Compactor

The Joseph Joseph Titan trash compactor crushes rubbish so you fit more in the bin and empty it less.

Taking out the trash becomes a far less frequent affair thanks to the stylish device, which can hold triple the amount of waste compared to a standard bin the same size. High-end housewares company, Joseph Joseph, calls this “Intelligent Waste” and has also developed a patented, hygienic, compaction system that won’t tear the bag.

Titan works by pushing a pedal to open the bin, then lifting a grab handle which simultaneously closes the mouth of the liner and compacts the waste. Everything is designed so your hands stay clean and outside the unit, while waste remains inside the liner rather than spilling out over the top.

An odour filter compartment discreetly located in the lid houses a replaceable carbon disc to help eliminate any unpleasant smells that could arise from storing waste for longer than usual.

Attractive and innovative in design, the stainless steel Titan is fingerprint-proof and operated manually, so there is no need to worry about plugging in or complicated electronic mechanisms that could malfunction.

It’s a comprehensive package and arguably the first ever bin to get us excited at UNWRAPP, where we’ve been suitably impressed putting the Titan through its paces. Compacting takes minimal effort and the bin comes boxed with spare carbon filters and bags to get your started.

The Titan comes with a 10-year guarantee and should go some way to helping you keep a bit of extra spare capacity before rubbish collection day.

Buy now: £199 from Joseph Joseph

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