Nanoleaf Aurora

Nanoleaf Aurora

Nanoleaf Aurora is a modular smart lighting system that can be voice activated with Alexa or Siri.

Nanoleaf Aurora is an illuminating entry into the world of smart lighting with backing from the Museum of Modern Art.

Made of triangular LED wall panels that clip together and are capable of emitting 16 million colours, the modular system connects to your Wi-Fi network where it can be controlled by app or voice with Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot or Apple HomeKit.

Each equilateral triangle measures 250mm per side and sits fairly flush to the wall at just 8mm thick. The panels contain an outer lens that diffuses the light from the LED source inside, creating one continuous glowing source should you desire.

The system has plenty of uses – in the bedroom, living room or games room – but also works as a great SAD lamp solution for fending off the winter blues. You’re not restricted to wall mounting either, with a coffee or dining table equally fair game.

Nanoleaf offer a number of other smart lighting products, including the Ivy Smarter range – a twist on traditional pear-shaped bulbs with small LEDs scattered around the light. Again, these are app and voice controlled for when hitting a switch is too much of a drag.

Buy now: Starter pack £179.99 from Amazon

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