Victoria + Albert Eldon Bath

Victoria + Albert Eldon Bath

The Victoria + Albert Eldon Bath is made from a unique Volcanic Limestone composite following a collaboration with Conran + Partners.

Leading British interior design studio Conran + Partners have helped create bath 2.0 for urbanites short on space in city apartments.

Victoria + Albert Baths approached the des res architects to help design the Eldon, a back-to-wall freestanding tub that cleverly hides unsightly pipework.

The wraparound Eldon is made from something called Quarrycast, Victoria + Albert Baths’ unique composite material, that makes it naturally warm to the touch, highly stain resistant, super strong, lightweight and easy to clean with scratches that simply polish out.

The composite is a mix of finely ground Volcanic Limestone – a gleaming white rock formed when chalky limestone is exposed to liquid magma. The superheating process forms needle-like particles that give the Eldon its tough structure. Everything is then bonded together with resins to complete a complex 3D matrix.

The bright, white 1,750mm long Eldon is available now… Matey bubble bath optional.

Buy now: £2,880.00 from Victoria + Albert Baths

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