Cubetto kits introduce computer programming to children as young as three.

What’s more there is no iPad screen for them to stare at, no keyboard to tap or any complicated coding to do. Instead, kids create simple instructions for a cube-shaped robot on wheels using a wooden control panel and blocks.

The subsequent commands send the little droid – called Cubetto – on his way from A to B along a metre-long map with various narratives, including deep sea, outer space, swarmy swamp, a polar expedition and more.

Learning computing without a computer might sound odd, but at such innocent ages Cubetto makes a whole heap of sense and is Montessori-approved to make programming logic easily accessible to the youngest.

Each playset comes complete with Cubetto, an interface board, 16 blocks with a directional function, a world map and two storybooks. The interface board acts like a command line where you place the blocks to write code.

The board works in conjunction with the world map and storybooks to plan adventures and set activities and challenges. New adventure packs are available when little ones get bored and want to expand their learning.

Currently smashing its crowdsourcing target on Kickstarter, Cubetto is expected to ship in September and for an extra $20 you can have your child included as a hero or heroine in one of the stories. Cute.

Pledge now: From $225 on Kickstarter

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